Transport facility at The Wisdom Tree ingrains the best of technologies and logistics for safety, security, and a satisfying experience for the children. It provides GPS enabled air conditioned buses to transport children. The buses are manned by CCTV cameras and trained security staff. A vehicle tracking system can track buses anytime ensuring safety and security of the children. We are providing transportation facilities in the following zones.

• Greater Noida West • Noida • Crossing Republic • Ghaziabad • Indirapuram • East Delhi

Safety Measures in The Wisdom Tree School Buses

  1. CCTV Surveillance
  2. GPS tracking facility
  3. Fire Extinguisher
  4. First Aid Box
  5. Log Book maintained by driver.
  6. Daily attendance register
  7. Speed governor
  8. Teacher -in-charge.
  9. Lady guard
  10. Helper
  11. Air Conditioned bus
  12. Sealed Window for child’s safety.
  13. Foot rest for balance.
  14. Every day checking of bus is done by the authorized person.
  15. Meter and wiring of the buses are checked daily to ensure there is no overheating.
  16. Air pressure of the bus is checked every day.
  17. Number of student travelling in bus is equal to number of seats.

All the safety papers of the buses are in place and they have been declared safe for operation


  • It is the responsibility of the parents to ensure that their children reach the pickup points well in time, so that the transport is not be delayed. In case of any problem regarding buses, the Transport Incharge may be contacted.
  • Parents have to make sure that they pick up their children at the notified time from the specified bus stop, failing which, the child will be taken back to the School Office, from where the parents will be responsible for collecting their child. Only parents can pick up their child from the school. Any other person detailed to do so has to be properly authorized by the parent.
  • Changes in bus routes to suit a particular student will not be entertained during the session. The decision of School Transport Department is final and binding on all.
  • Buses may reach the bus stop 10 minutes earlier or 10 minutes later than the given time.
  • School buses are arranged with the utmost care, but the School takes no responsibility for any mishap during transit.
  • A child should travel only on the route allotted and on no other route. Change of bus route for only morning/ evening will not be permitted.
  • Discipline in the bus is of utmost importance. Strict action will be taken against any students found indulging in bullying, shouting, undisciplined behavior etc.
  • Any suggestions or complaints should be reported to the Transport Incharge. Parents are expected to treat the bus staff with due respect.
  • One Aaya and one female attendant will be there in all school buses during morning as well as evening routes.
  • First Aid medical boxes are there in all school vehicles.
  • Fire extinguishers in there in every school vehicle.
  • Safety mock drills will be conducted at regular intervals.
  • Escort card is mandatory to be shown to the Teacher in charge before receiving the child in the afternoon.
  • School name and Telephone numbers are written outside the buses.
  • Speed governors are there in all school buses.
  • The main doors and emergency exit doors are properly fitted with reliable locks.
  • 'School Bus' word is written in front side as well as the back side.
  • All school buses are painted yellow.

Above mentioned routes are the routes we are currently plying on. The school reserves the right to alter/modify/restructure any route, at any point of time in the best interest of the children and the school.

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