FOUNDATIONAL STAGE (Pre-Nursery - Grade 2)

5 years of Foundational Stage:
For ages 3 to 8:

Classes: Pre-Nursery, Nursery, KG, Grade I and Grade 2

Pre- Nursery 2.5 years and above
Nursery 3 years and above
KG 4 years and above
Grade 1 5 years and above
Grade 2 6 years and above
Foundational Stage:

This stage will consist of three years of Pre School wherein flexible, multilevel, play/activity-based learning will be taken up. This will be followed by two years of primary classes – Class 1 & 2). This stage will focus on teaching in play-based or activity-based methods and on the development of language skills. The curricular approach is designed on the lines of NCFS 23.


3 Years of Preparatory Stage:

For ages: 8 to 11
Classes: 3 to 5

Preparatory Stage:

The Preparatory Stage will comprise three years of education building on the play, discovery, and activity-based pedagogical and curricular style of the Foundational Stage. In these years will also involve introduction of proper text books as well as aspects of more formal but interactive classroom learning, in order to lay a solid groundwork across subjects, including reading, writing, speaking, physical education, art, languages, science, and mathematics.


3 years of Middle stage:
For ages: 11 to 13
For classes: 6 to 8

Middle Stage:

This stage will comprise three years of education, building on the pedagogical and curricular style of the Preparatory Stage, but with the introduction of subject teachers for learning and discussion of the more abstract concepts in each subject, The students will get ready at this stage across the sciences, mathematics, arts, social sciences, and humanities. Experiential learning within each subject, and explorations of relations among different subjects, will be encouraged and emphasized despite the introduction of more specialized subjects and subject teachers.


4 years of Secondary stage:
For ages: 14 to 18
For classes: 9 to 12

Secondary Stage:

This stage will comprise of four years to be covered in two phases, i.e., 9 and 10 in the first and 11 and 12 in the second, covering ages 14-18) with an approach towards multidisciplinary study, building on the subject-oriented pedagogical and curricular style of the Middle Stage, but with greater depth, greater critical thinking, greater attention to life aspirations, and greater flexibility and student choice of subjects. In particular students would continue to have the option of exiting after Grade 10 and re-entering in the next phase to pursue vocational or any other courses available in Grades 11- 12.

In all of the above stages mentioned, experiential learning will be adopted, including hands-on learning, arts-integrated and sports-integrated education, story-telling-based pedagogy, among others, as standard pedagogy within each subject, and with explorations of relations among different subjects.
Learning outcomes for every student will be evaluated at regular intervals using diagnostic tests, followed by remedial steps for improvement will be provided.

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