Learning Labs

Language Lab

Language is the instrument that makes thought possible. The Wisdom Tree has established Special language laboratories to help children hone their language skills – oral as well as writing skills.  Practice sessions under language experts – with high-quality modern resources and techniques – are conducted where students have the opportunity to improve vocabulary and fluency through interactive engagements with their peers. We also have computer-based language labs where students can learn Spoken English speaking from native English-speaking skill tutors.

Science Lab

The importance of Science needs no elaboration. The Wisdom Tree offers fully equipped and spacious science laboratories in adherence to CBSE safety guidelines. Laboratories are designed with modern equipment, updated charts, and specimens to ensure better learning outcomes. A pre-planned curriculum based on the CBSE syllabus is used to provide students with a more hands-on experience. Apart from this, our Science lab also provides an introduction to modern science based on Einstein’s Relativity and Neils Bohr’s Quantum Physics.

Mathematics Lab

Mathematics, which itself is based on infallible logic, is the backbone of the Science and Technology of modern life as well as of the everyday life of a human being. The mathematics lab at The Wisdom Tree is designed to develop and promote mathematics’ fundamental concepts, student’s problem-solving skills, and a robust base for higher mathematics. Lab exercises are meticulously designed for each class, which are administered by experienced teachers; and students can engage in cooperative experiences. The Mathematics lab also creates avenues to apply mathematical principles to solve real-world problems through specially designed tasks. The Wisdom Tree is providing classes for Vedic Maths and Abacus wherein the student learns the new shortcut techniques to solve the long questions of arithmetics in easy and faster way.

Social Science Lab 

The social science lab provides a platform for students to share their presentations. Some of the concepts where imagination is difficult are taught with the help of models like Solar system, landforms, drainage pattern, rotation and revolution of the earth, etc., spacious and effective lab breaks the monotony in teaching and learning processes.

It provides space to conduct seminars, group discussions, debates, and other activities like clay modeling, chart-making, collage work, map work, poster making, role play, etc., promising truly interactive and experiential learning in social science.

Our Social Science Lab consists of Models, Globes, Tools, and Equipment combined with class-wise manuals and lab video experiments. The tools and equipment are complemented by the most extensive set of Maps, Charts, and 3D maps.

Computer Lab

In the modern world, the knowledge of computer science and its applications is essential. The Wisdom Tree integrates information and communication technology (ICT) into the curriculum and thus provides the latest resources in this field. The school's computer and communication network provides state-of-the-art computing facilities and broadband Internet connectivity. 

At The Wisdom Tree we realize the importance of ICT and start computer classes for our students early to make them ready for future challenges. The aim of introducing the subject is to make students use it as a tool to enhance their knowledge and creativity, to communicate efficiently in a world that is becoming increasingly smaller, and to learn to use design applications.

 The modern computer lab at The Wisdom Tree is designed with a 1:1 student computer ratio. The school has all the latest licensed software and has one of the best collections of computer CDs and DVDs in its Digital Library.

Apart from full-fledged Computer Labs, the Learning Centre also has a computing facility to assist students in projects and research assignments. All desktops are powered by Intel Core i3 Processors with the latest steady Windows 10 Operating System. There is 1 server for supporting the daily need for information and communication technology.

 All classrooms are enabled with ICT resources.

Technology should be the backbone of any excellent center for education. The computer lab at The Wisdom Tree is the testimony to it.

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