A strong mind and an instinct of resilience emerge in a strong body. Sports, an integral part of our culture, ensure the good physical development of students.
TWT provides all basic facilities to create an effective sports environment, with an infrastructure that is quite extensive and elaborate. Achievement in the field of sport is considered no less than academic success at our institution.
Sports play an important role in shaping up the personality and fitness of a person. To give a truly global experience to all the students studying at The Wisdom Tree, it is important that there is a wide variety of sports facilities to keep students engaged and physically fit.

Outdoor games Indoor games
Track & field events Table tennis
Football Board games
Cricket MMA/Self-defence
Football Skating
Basketball Volleyball

Sports Academy –

The Wisdom Tree is committed to providing an outstanding environment of sports for its students.
The Wisdom Tree has tie-ups with capable coaches to train the students for various sports as per their choice. The students will be trained so as to be able to compete at the District, State, and National levels as well as CBSE Clusters.
Students have participated in district, state and national level competitions for various sports viz. Tchoukball, softball, skating, yoga and athletics.

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