Engaging in Activity Clubs enables the learners to discover their real interests and aptitudes which guide them in selecting suitable courses of study and occupations later on.

The following clubs are currently being offered to our young learners:

  • Magic Peak (Art and Craft)
  • Genius Minds (Science)
  • Multiprocessing Bombers (Robotics & IT)
  • Rhythm (Music & Dance)
  • Book Sitters (Literary)
  • Number Ninjas (Math)
  • Green Gale (Eco Club)
  • Shy Players (Theatre)
Magic Peak (Art & Craft)

Learners are introduced to different art techniques like shading and blending of colours which nurtures their aesthetic skills. Learners create amazing artworks using waste materials. Their imaginative skills, fine motor skills and their artistic skills are developed by getting engaged in different craft techniques like cutting, pasting, folding etc.

Genius Minds (Science)

Ample opportunities are provided to students to test their own ideas and build their own understanding. The club emphasizes on hands-on activities, experiential learning and inquiry-based programs and project-based learning. Through various scientific engagements, learners are able to give scientific explanations of various facts and incidents. Multiprocessing Bombers (Robotics & IT)
Students are initiated into the tech world and led through various aspects of this ever growing field. They get to experience designing, constructing, operating and understanding the structural aspects of robots as per their level. They get to apply the concepts they have learnt in classrooms.
In IT they are exposed to the field of technology and network outside the regular curriculum. The students are motivated to use computers effectively and enhance their computer skills. Also, learning designing concepts through tools and technologies, animation et al, is included.

Rhythm (Music & Dance)

Music Club offers learning of music with various instruments like Casio, Guitar, Tabla etc. Voice Culture, humming practice and warm up exercises with different scales are regularly used to train the budding vocalists. Dance Club gives the learners a chance to immerse in the flavours of various dance forms. In the sessions, learners are taught basic dance steps as well as sophisticated classical moves. They also participate in various school events which further nurtures their dance aesthetics.

Book Sitters (Literary)

The Literary Club aims at not only refining the literary skills of the students but also developing in them logic and curiosity to know more. It offers opportunities to the students and attempts to groom them so as to be able to appreciate different types of literature and increase their own literary skills. Speaking skills, debating, role plays and street plays are a few of the activities taken up under this club. The club is committed to tap the effective communication talent among the students; club is poised to enable the talents with cutting edge.

Number Ninjas (Math)

Assisting the students to grow out of their apprehension when it comes to numbers, learning to use their concepts out of the school as well and widening of their perspective regarding solutions is the goal of the club. Students are enabled to gather a complete visualisation and comprehension of the Mathematical concepts thereby developing a heuristic and problem solving attitude among the students.

Green Gale (Eco Club)

As per the guidelines of the Department of School Education & Literacy, MOE, the Eco Club empowers our students to participate in and take up meaningful environmental activities. It is tat stage via which students can learn and in turn influence their families and neighbourhood communities to promote sound environmental practices.
Objectives of this club being to promote and educate students the need for undertaking tree plantation, reuse & recycle, use water judiciously and be sensitised about proper waste management. The students are encouraged to participate in debates, quizzes and take up campaigns on reducing use of plastics in the immediate neighbourhood.

Shy Players (Theatre)

Keeping in mind the need to train students to be able to appreciate the performing arts and learn the skills of self expression the club has been set up. Students enjoy learning the skill of developing the script, to building of sets and props and to be able to express on the stage. Through the activities, students learn to improvise upon their verbal expression, non verbal skills and communication and presentation on stage.

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