The Wisdom Tree School by the Wisdom Tree Foundation, is following the Experiential Learning Methodology. It has a sprawling campus spread over six acres at Greater Noida West (Noida Extension).The School is equipped with an environment-friendly modern architecture, a world-class academic and sports infrastructure. The key focus is on student safety and quality education. Our research-based focus, on the indispensable fundamentals of school education, ultimately culminates into a learning environment that epitomizes a perfect fusion of contemporary knowledge with timeless wisdom, the latest pedagogy with time-honored tutelage, established technology with continual innovation, and modern world culture with value-based ancient heritage of India. The school also offers a tranquil, stimulating and healthy environment to its students. The Wisdom Tree is thus committed to taking on the leadership role of the education process in the twenty-first century.

“Education means lighting a flame; it does not mean filling a vessel.”- Socrates


Our vision is to emerge as a global school, with its worldwide pedagogical perspective that inspires a dynamic learning to ensure truly international achievements and recognition to our students in every sphere of knowledge, performance, and life.


Our mission is to provide child-centric education guided by Enquiry based Experimental Learning to enable our students to become responsible, confident and innovative. These aspects, along with a focus on socio-emotional intelligence, occupy our entire activities to put our students on a path to success realizing their individual potential with self-actualization.


Wisdom: The ability to discern true knowledge, is the core of what we believe. Humility: True learning leads to humbleness, or in the words of our great sages, "lk fon~;k ;k foeqDr;s" Determination: The ability to remain firmly rooted in what one believes despite the storm of fierce adversities. We believe in creating a culture in our students with its spirit. Integrity: Of mind, body, and soul is the essence of mankind which we imbue our children with. Courage: Is sculpted right through childhood at TWT.


At the Wisdom Tree, we follow a FIVE DIMENSIONAL active learning. The Wisdom Tree has developed the elements of its teaching methodology after a careful survey of educational research.


World over, academic centers of excellence rest largely on four important pillars: Curriculum, Pedagogy, Faculty, and Infrastructure. In this context, The Wisdom Tree has carefully created these pillars which are not only strikingly distinctive in their form but also ineffably monolithic in its strength. Our research-based focus on these indispensable fundamentals of the school ultimately culminates into a learning environment that epitomizes a perfect fusion of contemporary knowledge with timeless wisdom, the latest pedagogy with time-honored tutelage, established technology with continual innovation, and modern world-culture with the value-based ancient heritage of India.
Creating a curriculum – distinctive yet within the regulatory framework – is the most crucial task in the entire firmament of education. Indian curriculum is excellent, yet a majority of the concepts especially from Science, Mathematics, and Language – which a child will encounter in studies after school years – are not adequately covered at the foundation level. The challenge is to bridge this gap between present-oriented curriculum and future-oriented curriculum so that a brilliant child – who can reach the international frontiers of intellect –does not stop short of realizing his full potential. The Wisdom Tree meets this challenge by creating a model that blends the CBSE curriculum with intellect-stimulating inputs from the works of Nobel laureates and renowned scientists, linguists, mathematicians, and scholars like George Gamow, Richard Feynman, Ian Stewart, Maxwell Nurnberg, Edward De Bono, and many others. For the children, this fusion results in robust concept building, stellar performance in the CBSE assessment system, and outstanding preparedness for a future academic and professional career in India and abroad.


Sports, as a part of the curriculum, create hopes and it has the power to change the world. Nothing can be closer to the truth than these words of Nelson Mandela. The Wisdom Tree visualizes to unleash the power of sports in its children with intended valuable tie-ups with celebrated national and international sports academies like Paris Saint-Germain Football Academy of France, Chetan Chauhan Academy of Cricket, and many other such prominent centers with its bevy of internationally acclaimed coaches. With its state-of-the-art modern sports complex, it provides world-class facilities both for outdoor and indoor games like Football, Cricket, Basketball, Swimming, Table Tennis, Badminton, Athletics, Hockey, and many others.


Extracurricular activities complement the academic curriculum and remind humanity that life has not one but many facets. Exposure to these facets is children’s inalienable right as well as schools’ sacrosanct responsibility. The Wisdom Tree has a vision for tie-ups with internationally acclaimed institutes like Mallika Sarabhai’s Darpana Academy of Performing Arts, French Nobel nominee Thich Nhat Hanh’s center of Mindfulness, Lord Buddha’s philosophy based Meditation Centers, Shiamak Davar’s Academy of Dance, and many others in order to make children excel in Dance, Dramatics, Debating, Music, Art, Sculpture, Yoga, Meditations, and Communication skills.




Faculty or teachers are stars in an educational system. However robust the system may be, ultimately it needs stars to run it. The Wisdom Tree has hand-picked some of the most erudite and passionate teachers from the industry who are experienced yet exuberant with fresh ideas, firm yet flexible with the changing world, and versed in their subjects yet versatile in knowledge. The Wisdom Tree has a system in place to continually organize teachers’ training workshops – through internationally extolled training centers – for up-gradation, skill enhancement, and world-level educational development awareness. A 360-degree continual teachers’ assessment system ensures constant honing of their teaching acumen. Academic excellence and expertise as well as various emotional aspects – like compassion for children – are important pre-requisites for joining, as a teacher, the academic team of The Wisdom Tree


The infrastructure of a school is critically important as it facilitates the entire educational programs and activities. It is like a body in which the soul ensconces safely for effective performance. The Wisdom Tree is housed in a world-class sprawling campus spread across over six acres of land in the Greater NOIDA of Delhi NCR. The entire infrastructure is planned so meticulously that every brick, in its spirit, breathes education. Architecturally congenial and illuminated classrooms, scientifically planned library, spacious laboratories providing hands-on learning, centrally located administrative block to provide guidance, state-of-the-art sports complex, technically advanced computer labs, a grand audio-visual room, and a carefully constructed multipurpose complex to facilitate dance, debates, seminars, and other creative activities – these are the hallmarks of the gigantic infrastructure of The Wisdom Tree.
In addition to all these crucial dimensions, the campus provides a foolproof 3 tier security system with round the clock monitoring through closed-circuit cameras, a hygienic kitchen, spacious dining hall, comfortable stay during the entire day, a judiciously balanced timetable with adequate time for rest, academics, sports, and extracurricular activities.
These are the dimensions of The Wisdom Tree that create a conducive environment for all-around development, and ensure a smooth budding of its children into humane and accomplished citizens of versatility, highest intellect, integrity, and success with self-actualization. After all, in the words of Ayn Rand, at the dawn of their lives, men seek a noble vision of man’s nature and of life’s potential. And this is what The Wisdom Tree is!

"Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth. ~ Mahatma Gandhi "
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