Pre-Primary Wing


At The Wisdom Tree, we deliver our curriculum through an ‘EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING' approach. Pre Primary students are encouraged to explore, investigate, and relish the intrinsic joy of learning.   We ensure that children are engaged with learning activities that actively involve, motivate and prompt them to ask questions.

A well-balanced curriculum and theme-based instructions help the young minds integrate their learning smoothly.  The emphasis is on exploring, knowing, understanding and forming their own ideas.  The principles of learning applied in Pre Primary include Holistic Development and Learning (Aesthetics and Creative Expression, Language and Literacy, Numeracy, Self and Social Awareness); Integrated Learning; Active Learning; Supportive Learning; Interactive Learning and Learning through Play. The curriculum prepares students for a smooth transition to a more formal Primary curriculum.

They are encouraged to play, explore and discover through dance, music, art and craft. Singing, rhyming and reciting are employed in Language and Phonics Sounds. The use of manipulatives, pictures and symbols help them identify relationships between sets and groups of things to be sorted, counted, shared and represented. Picnics and field trips enhance student’s understanding of their surroundings. The celebration of festivals sensitizes them to multiple traditions and cultures.



"Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth. ~ Mahatma Gandhi "