Ms. Sunita (Principal)

Ms. Poonam (Coordinator)

Ms. Akansha (Academic Staff)

Ms. Archana (Academic Staff)

Ms. Arohi (Academic Staff)

Dr. Bindu  (Doctor)

Ms. Das Vaishali (Academic Staff)

Ms. Jyoti (Academic Staff)

Ms. Kalindi (Academic Staff)

Ms. Kirti (Academic Staff)

Ms. Leenaa (Academic Staff)

Mr. Mangal (Sports)

Ms. Manisha (Academic Staff)

Ms. Manvi (Academic Staff)

Ms. Megha (Academic Staff)

Ms. Pallabi (Academic Staff)

Ms. Pallavi (Art and Craft)

Ms. Payal (Music)

Ms. Pooja (Librarian)

Ms. Pooja (Academic Staff)

Ms. Preeti (Academic Staff)

Ms. Preeti (Academic Staff)

Ms. Priyanka (Academic Staff)

Dr. Rajni (Clinical Psychologist)

Ms. Rupa (Academic Staff)

Ms. Shilpi (Dance)

Ms. Shuchita (Academic Staff)

Ms. Shweta (Academic Staff)

Ms. Swati (Academic Staff)

Ms. Tanuja (Academic Staff)

Ms. Teena (Academic Staff)

Ms. Upasana (Academic Staff)



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"There is hope if people will begin to awaken that spiritual part of themselves, that heartfelt knowledge that we are caretakers of this planet.~Brooke Medicine Eagle "